Definition of mark something up in English:

mark something up

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a retailer) increase the indicated price of an item.

    ‘he marks up prized garments by at least 50 per cent’
    increase, raise, up, put up, hike, hike up, escalate
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  • 2Annotate or correct text for printing, keying, or typesetting.

    ‘they retyped the articles after the subeditors had marked them up in pencil’
    • ‘Previously, Eminent sent 150-to 500-page study-protocol documents to participating physicians and regulators, who marked them up and mailed them back.’
    • ‘If you needed a brochure, you'd type it on a typewriter, and then literally mark it up with a red pen to tell the typesetter what you wanted it to look like.’
    • ‘I was not in a position to mark it up or to start working on it because I had to check it for correctness.’
    • ‘In the mid '70s, I got involved on the tail end of a really sexy project in publishing, creating a system that allowed editors to take text and mark it up on screen.’
    • ‘These files would be mostly text files, but they would be marked up with a tag language (a subset of SGML called Hypertext Markup language, or HTML).’
    • ‘I can make the addresses and so on machine readable, I just need to know how to mark them up.’
    • ‘In addition, a copy of the draft lease was marked up with the proposed changes and returned to the hotel.’
    • ‘This new capability will eliminate the need to communicate changes by printing out a copy, marking it up, and faxing it back.’
    • ‘I had remembered to bring my copy, but I had already marked it up with all the comments I was going to make during the talk.’
    • ‘By the time the copy editor got back, marked it up, and sent it down to the subs, it was 10 pm.’
    • ‘The contents of the file can be marked up, such as adding color around words.’
    • ‘And he would put in time reading your stuff and marking it up and making comments on it and so on, which was very useful.’
    • ‘Everyone works with a single document, marking it up with their personal highlighting, notes, and edits.’
    annotate, correct, label
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