Definition of marital in English:



  • Relating to marriage or the relations between a married couple:

    ‘she wanted to talk about their marital problems’
    • ‘What could have been more appropriate for this marital tragedy than, of all operas, Tristan und Isolde?’
    • ‘However, certain key aspects of the marital relationship can be elucidated and do require discussion.’
    • ‘If the wife deferred to the husband because of the marital relationship, that is another thing.’
    • ‘The mother of the children told police she and her husband had been having marital problems for the past six months.’
    • ‘Hurtling along at breakneck speed, this smash hit comedy of marital deception guarantees a great night out.’
    • ‘Stay with her exclusively and wrestle with resentfulness coupled with marital bliss.’
    • ‘Two people, a husband and wife, work out their marital malaise by literally trying to kill one another.’
    • ‘If all they've done is suffer an unhappy marriage, we should leave them to their marital misery.’
    • ‘One of the marital indiscretions had landed him in trouble with his wife.’
    • ‘There are marital complexities both on and off stage in the latest production from Bingley Little Theatre.’
    • ‘The marital embrace is the culmination of the total self-giving of husbands and wives.’
    • ‘He plays a troubled psychiatrist who's in the midst of severe marital problems.’
    • ‘In other words, the remark points to the dynamic of a sibling relationship, not a marital one.’
    • ‘Even within the marital context, they work to limit the husband's authority.’
    • ‘It deals with the issue of marital infidelity as seen across various couples.’
    • ‘They are also looking at his marital and custody arrangements for the children.’
    • ‘He prefers marital banter with his wife on the phone to talking about measurements and ingredients.’
    • ‘Due to social stigma attached to it even the best marital relationships can come under strain.’
    • ‘Sexual indiscretions, marital break-ups and drug habits are glossed over completely.’
    • ‘They want an amendment that would require sheriffs to pay more attention to the rights of the child in marital disputes.’
    matrimonial, married, wedded, conjugal, connubial, nuptial, marriage, wedding
    hymeneal, epithalamic
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Early 16th century: from Latin maritalis, from maritus husband.