Definition of mariage de convenance in English:

mariage de convenance


  • French term for marriage of convenience
    • ‘She does not have the opportunity given to fair ladies of noble birth to make a suitable mariage de convenance.’
    • ‘Similar to other marriages among the nobility, Le Fraisne's marriage, as a mariage de convenance, creates a network of alliances to maintain the system's survival.’
    • ‘The lords of the territory of Dol, in service to Gurun, exhort him to leave his mistress and make a suitable mariage de convenance.’


mariage de convenance

/maʀjaʒ də kɔ̃vnɑ̃s//ˌmarɪɑːʒ də ˌkɒ̃vəˈnɒ̃s/