Definition of margin call in English:

margin call


  • A demand by a broker that an investor deposit further cash or securities to cover possible losses.

    • ‘Although this lowers you potential profit, it also reduces the risk of getting a margin call.’
    • ‘By the end of the first day of trading he had not only lost $30 per share, but his broker had made a margin call and automatically sold the shares leaving Stephen with no shares at all and a $3,000 debt to his broker.’
    • ‘In this case employing large leverage can be devastating since positions can often go against the trader for many points in a row and, if he or she is not careful, trigger a margin call before the currency eventually turns around.’
    • ‘If you're determined to invest on margin, set aside some money to cover a margin call, she says.’
    • ‘From some time very soon after the first margin call the further losses cannot be attributed to any alleged misrepresentation, non-disclosure or other negligence of the defendant, even if such were proven.’