Definition of mardy in English:



Northern English, Midlands English
  • In a petulant bad mood; sulky or grumpy.

    ‘you can get all mardy about it if you like’
    ‘I had 4 hours sleep last night and I'm a mardy cow right now’
    • ‘Besides, my youngest often wears a Hoodie and occasionally a baseball cap; and despite being a typical mardy teenager is pretty harmless.’
    • ‘And then someone was a right mardy cow on the way home.’
    • ‘And - worse - they also indirectly made us stay up most of the night watching Celebrity Big Brother, which put us in a right mardy mood yesterday.’
    • ‘On the coach from Victoria however I did get to meet some most delightful people upon the national express coaches and a rather mardy newspaper seller, who didn't want to talk about any of the days big news stories - oh well!’
    • ‘Like a mardy teenager, they bang on about how everything that doesn't fit in with their very narrow world view as ‘unfair’.’
    angry, annoyed, irate, irritated, in a bad mood, peeved, vexed, upset, irked, piqued, out of humour, put out, displeased, galled, resentful
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Northern English, Midlands English
  • A sulky mood or fit of petulant bad temper.

    ‘he stormed off the pitch in a mardy after the final whistle’
    ‘I declined the first dance with my wife as I had a mardy on’


Late 19th century (as noun, in the sense ‘spoilt child’): probably from dialect marred (from mar), describing a spoilt, overindulged, or badly behaved child.