Definition of March fly in English:

March fly


NZ, Australian
  • A bloodsucking fly of the family Tabanidae, which feeds on mammals, especially horses.

    ‘when the March flies start biting, the crocodiles are laying their eggs’
    • ‘Maybe we can launch a class action against mosquitoes, march flies and anything else that might bite us.’
    • ‘The family of march flies are closely related to the blood-sucking mosquitoes and sand flies.’
    • ‘The tiny black bugs are 50 to 100 times smaller than a March fly.’
    • ‘March flies were of great interest to another scientist safe from their stings in his mainland laboratory.’
    • ‘Living things communicate by their actions, as with the stinging bite of the march fly.’
    • ‘Graham tells of pulled pigtails and dead march flies in ink wells.’
    • ‘A plague of March flies, which lasted about a week, worried us very much.’
    • ‘The most important equipment was the tropical strength insect repellent to ward off the swarms of march flies.’
    • ‘The bite of at least one march fly species - Mesomyia tryphera - can cause serious allergic reactions in some people.’
    • ‘Doctors treated her for third-degree burns and welts from swarms of stinging black March flies.’