Definition of marbling in English:



  • 1[mass noun] Colouring or marking that resembles marble, especially as a decorative finish for interior walls:

    ‘finishes like ragging, marbling, and stippling’
    [count noun] ‘French Shell, Antique, and a thousand other marblings’
    • ‘The case has the same decoration of painted marbling on a light brown ground, and the stand is marbled in grey on black.’
    • ‘The marbling could also be painted on the back of a framing pane of glass, which was then attached to the mirror glass.’
    • ‘Paper is applied and takes up the colour so that the whole, the marbling on the page is the thing we remember, not the tubes of paint containing the separate raw colours.’
    • ‘The artist mixes water with oil sometimes, so that, as the two liquids separate out on the canvas, a speckled effect of marbling is achieved.’
    1. 1.1 Streaks of fat in lean meat:
      ‘a degree of marbling in the meat’
      • ‘Scientists at Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Centre in the US have recently found a genetic marked for potential tenderness and marbling in beef cattle.’
      • ‘What makes a rib eye the most perfectly flavored cut of beef is all that marbling.’
      • ‘Standard grade carcasses have the least marbling.’
      • ‘The quality grading system is based on skeletal maturity and marbling in an attempt to classify animals of similar eating quality.’
      • ‘Although the USDA quality grading system is an indicator of the level of marbling, consumers do not perceive it as such.’
      • ‘Breeding cows for beef is often slow because the qualities of a top-grade cut, marbling and tenderness, are unknown until after a cow is slaughtered.’
      • ‘A mass of cells, ‘grown’ on rubbery sheets of nutrified jelly, it will have no structure, no marbling, no resemblance to a ‘cut’ we'd ever get from a butcher.’
      • ‘Eric recommends choosing a ‘secondary’ cut like scotch, porterhouse or rump - something with a bit of marbling in it - for tenderness and flavour.’
      • ‘The marbling was perfect and my knife slid through the flesh like it was butter.’
      • ‘He offers this simple tenderloin - quickly sautéed to sear the outside but not melt the marbling inside - for a special holiday meal.’
      • ‘And the result is pork with denser marbling, unequaled tenderness and noticeably more natural flavor.’
      • ‘They also found that higher levels of marbling were preferred for loin steaks but discounted in chuck roasts.’
      • ‘The brisket is thinly sliced and rolled, displaying its beautiful marbling.’
      • ‘Invariably, the marbling is exquisite, but the central motive for Wagyu breeders over the centuries is softness.’
      • ‘The back ribs lack the moistness of the marbling, so the peppery rub cuts a bit harder.’
      • ‘Discounts for higher levels of marbling reflect this particular program where leanness is preferred and certainly are not reflective of national wholesale beef markets.’
      • ‘Beef marbling, muscling and flavor vary across all breeds.’
      • ‘This is cut a little long, but has good marbling.’
      • ‘This is because the current grading system pays top dollar for beef that contains more marbling - and might be more tender - despite consumer preference for lean beef.’
      • ‘Cattle producers are continually searching for alternative methods of producing beef with marbling, but with a minimum of external finish and carcass seam fat.’