Definition of mapless in English:



  • See map

    • ‘And for foreign visitors, who have only had access to the country for the last ten years, it might as well be a mapless frontier.’
    • ‘Zanzibar is the island of cloves and ivory and it is where Livingstone and the other Victorian explorers began their treks into the mapless nothing.’
    • ‘Having started early so we wouldn't be too late, our mapless path only partly resembled chaos as depicted by a two-year-old left alone for an hour in a large white room with a big black crayon.’
    • ‘To me, it says that whether you look at pop as a guided tour or a mapless adventure is not important - what matters are the people you're travelling with.’
    • ‘This appears to be the mapless voyage of the Conservative Party, now wondering if they should boldly go to that land into which they said they would never stray - namely Europe and the euro.’