Definition of map-maker in English:



  • A cartographer.

    • ‘He then became a map-maker, but, standing up to his waist in a snowdrift on Rhode Island a few years later, realised that indoor work had certain attractions.’
    • ‘These included photographers, journalists, academics and researchers, Ordnance Survey map-makers and statisticians at the UK Census bureau.’
    • ‘You consider yourself more of an artist than a map-maker, and so when you're assigned to map the coast near the remote island of Fetch Rock, you figure it's a punishment and a way to get you out of sight rather than any sort of needed task.’
    • ‘A Scots academic is to make his third attempt to follow in the footsteps of an explorer whose skills as a map-maker helped open up the African continent to generations of European adventurers.’
    • ‘Consequently, for centuries map-makers have worried about simultaneity and how to determine it.’
    • ‘Historians and map-makers ignored many of his achievements, grudgingly acknowledged those they could not completely disregard and brazenly attributed his most important discoveries to others.’
    • ‘Nineteenth century map-makers had a feeling there was something more to the area when they spotted the remains of Iron Age earthworks during an Ordnance Survey expedition.’
    • ‘Today, the mapping agency is peddling special incentives for map-makers who leave their cars at home.’
    • ‘Before the advent of modern technology, map-makers of yesteryears were only armed with the spirit of adventure and the ability to apply trigonometry.’
    • ‘Early map-makers were happy to leave blanks for terra incognita or to stock those empty spaces with headless cannibals, giant monopeds, Amazons and dragons.’
    • ‘The southern quarter of this long, impossibly slim country must be a map-maker's nightmare - a cobweb of water courses with no roads, meaning river- and fjord-crossings are often treacherous.’
    • ‘Where colonial constructions force disparate peoples together by the arbitrariness of a colonial map-maker's pen, nationhood becomes an elusive notion.’
    • ‘His French father, who explored much of this area as a geologist, was also a scrupulous map-maker.’
    • ‘It was spearheaded by map-makers and printers, who, in the rudest form, just placed number spaces over maps they had previously published.’
    • ‘Medieval map-makers began to fill in some detail.’
    • ‘In England, these Australian map-makers did not pass completely unnoticed.’
    • ‘For these, and some other, related reasons, the Late Cretaceous is a particularly tricky time for map-makers trying to draw coastlines.’
    • ‘Since map-makers started to colour maps, to show political regions such as different countries, they have known that you only ever need four colours.’
    • ‘It's rather like someone announcing there's a country the map-makers have overlooked.’
    • ‘We do know a bit about several of the map-makers who were involved in the Ulster Plantation.’