Definition of Maoriland in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A name for New Zealand.

    ‘she settled in Honolulu and gave up all idea of ever returning to Maoriland’
    • ‘Many early New Zealand comic artists used Maoriland as their theme.’
    • ‘The travellers leave Sydney and start their Maoriland journey at the toe of the Dominion.’
    • ‘These subjectivities have led to the critical dismissal of Maoriland literature.’
    • ‘We were in Maoriland and had determined to do as the Maoris did.’
    • ‘The 1913 industrial upheaval will live for ever in Maoriland history.’
    • ‘The shaky isles were widely known as Maoriland in Australia.’
    • ‘He's gone to Maoriland and isn't coming back.’
    • ‘He made the statement during the revolt of the militant Maoriland unionists against the Arbitration Court.’
    • ‘The kindliness of the Maoriland climate enables Maorilanders to look rather philosophically on the misfortunes of their neighbors.’
    • ‘In Maoriland waters the author's most thrilling adventure is on a passenger cruise to the west coast in 1910.’


Mid 19th century: from Maori + land.