Definition of Maoist in English:



  • A follower of the communist doctrines of Mao Zedong.

    ‘the army thought he was a Maoist’
    • ‘In view of the threat perception from Maoists, the security cover has been tightened.’
    • ‘The Maoists offered to resume negotiations with the prime minister.’
    • ‘The Maoists were able to exploit the temporary power vacuum.’
    • ‘They were traveling through the country's mountainous, far-western districts where Maoists have largely taken control.’
    • ‘The bulk of the Nepali Maoists' followers are from the lower castes.’
    • ‘The religious foundations of their beliefs range them nearer to contemporary millenarians than to modern Marxists or Maoists.’
    • ‘The monarch has suspended civil liberties, supposedly to enable the government to defeat the Maoists.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Maoists appealed for a united front against feudal autocracy.’
    • ‘Lurking in, or indeed controlling, this beautiful countryside are the Maoists.’
    • ‘The government held a third round of negotiations with the Maoists in August 2003.’


  • Relating to or denoting the communist doctrines of Mao Zedong.

    ‘Maoist policies’
    • ‘His initial Maoist enthusiasm was slowly supplanted by disillusionment.’
    • ‘The site is a hotbed for Maoist guerrilla activities.’
    • ‘Property reform helped undercut popular support for the violent Maoist group.’
    • ‘They looked for alternative roads to socialism in Maoist China.’
    • ‘The story is an allegory of the Cultural Revolution, and deals with remembering and forgetting the traumatic events of the Maoist era.’
    • ‘A network of committees to campaign against the war was set up by Maoist students.’
    • ‘His plan actually sought to destroy Maoist decentralization entirely.’
    • ‘They were constrained to demonstrate their Maoist convictions in foreign capitals.’
    • ‘His treatment of the Maoist era is disappointingly brief, with a single chapter covering the entire period of collectivization.’
    • ‘In his old age, he had become ridiculous, supporting all manner of madcap Maoist projects.’