Definition of manyfold in English:



  • By many times.

    ‘the problems would be multiplied manyfold’
    • ‘Practise and soon you will find that you can spot the keywords instinctively and make sense out of them, and your reading speed increases manyfold.’
    • ‘In an area such as the one in question, the competitive rural land uses are multiplied manyfold by urban and industrial influences.’
    • ‘The density of traffic over the flyover has also increased manyfold.’
    • ‘The most efficient programs exhibiting human intelligence might exceed the power and memory of present PCs manyfold, and devising them might be superhumanly difficult.’
    • ‘And, the quality of TV everywhere would increase manyfold.’
    • ‘Without such a structure, the likelihood of what we now routinely call ‘humanitarian catastrophes’ is magnified manyfold.’
    • ‘The lyrics make the songs even better and enhance their beauty manyfold.’
    • ‘A small amount of money contributed now will multiply manyfold as families are given food, pride, a source of income, and the means to help someone else.’
    • ‘Subdivisions, stretch limos, helicopter tours, crystal shops, and energy vortexes have arrived, and tourism has increased manyfold - now there's something for everyone.’
    • ‘Its difficulty was multiplied manyfold by the vast distance to the Gulf region and the almost total lack of support infrastructure.’
    • ‘They cost as much as regular games on average, but they multiply your purchase manyfold, since each one you buy contains many games.’
    • ‘In the last decade or so our understanding of Cahokia's iconographic structure and its role in the polity's internal and external development has increased manyfold.’