Definition of manuhiri in English:



  • A visitor or guest, especially someone visiting a Maori meeting house.

    ‘they will welcome manuhiri from far and wide’
    • ‘The men will provide a spectacle as they transport their manuhiri back to the central city.’
    • ‘The tapu (sacredness) must be lifted from the manuhiri (visitors) before one can enter.’
    • ‘We seem to be able to countenance policy ideas for tangata whenua that we would never find acceptable for manuhiri.’
    • ‘We simply offer our manuhiri (guests) a cup of tea and chance to 'be'.’
    • ‘They were laying down a powerful wero, a challenge to the visiting manuhiri.’
    • ‘The behaviour, abuse, and intimidation of manuhiri and visitors by a minority of extremists was regrettable.’
    • ‘They came carrying 500 loaves to feed their manuhiri - their visitors who were their invaders.’
    • ‘The marae welcomes both overnight visitors (manuhiri) as well as those who come just for the concert and the hangi.’
    • ‘I apologise to members of this House and the manuhiri who attended at Te Tii Marae.’
    • ‘A 'karanga' is the call sent out by a woman who stands at the front of the marae calling the manuhiri (visitors) onto the marae.’


Mid 19th century: Maori.