Definition of mantid in English:



  • another term for mantis
    • ‘‘There's some evidence the female has to eat the head of the male mantid to release the full complement of mating behaviors,’ Heydon said.’
    • ‘I enjoy the company of mantids, and although I know she'll die before spring, it's nice to give her a few more months and a chance to see snow falling.’
    • ‘Or you can use biological controls, such as praying mantids, predator flies and beneficial nematodes.’
    • ‘Molecular characterizations and spectral tuning studies have been performed on opsin proteins found in many insect groups, including bees, moths and butterflies, mantids, fireflies, and fruit flies.’
    • ‘The book is full of these sequences, with frogs, pinkies, mantids, tarantulas, snakes, and more.’
    • ‘An observed attraction of infected crickets and mantids towards water indicates that the parasites may induce this behavior, but the physiological stimulus is unknown.’
    • ‘Are mantids, likewise, just predatory roaches?’
    • ‘Upon hatching, the mantids must have live food every 2-3 days.’
    • ‘Cockroaches, termites, and mantids form the well-accepted monophyletic group Dictyoptera.’
    • ‘In the majority of cases, the terrestrial hosts are (at least partially) carnivorous animals such as carabid beetles, praying mantids or crickets (Ensifera).’
    • ‘In the praying mantids, the insect group most notorious for sexual cannibalism, males have been suggested to reduce the females' aggression by courtship displays and ‘cautious behavior’.’
    • ‘Flying mantids that hear ultrasound perform a bat evasion behavior that comprises a head roll, complete prothoracic leg extension, wing beat changes, and abdomen dorsiflexion.’
    • ‘This type of feeding can be found among certain spiders, mantids, scorpions, copepods, and midges.’