Definition of mansion in English:



  • 1A large, impressive house.

    • ‘Simple shotgun houses to magnificent mansions will be showcased in this exhibition detailing New Orlean's vivid architectural past.’
    • ‘Building size varied from one-floor shack houses, two-story mansions, and multilevel apartment and office buildings.’
    • ‘As competition for the most impressive summer house flourished, huge mansions took shape among the hills.’
    • ‘She had never seen such beautiful homes that were rather mansions than mere houses.’
    • ‘I mean, sure the houses are practically mansions and most if not all have ocean views, my dad even owns a part of the beach.’
    • ‘Maya's house was a mansion of sorts with a large garden sandwiched between the main iron gate and a porch that led to the door.’
    • ‘It wasn't a mansion just a small house, Granny even said something about a pool.’
    • ‘Old maps show that there were once some impressive 17th century mansions, particularly on the north side near the top of Dawson Street.’
    • ‘Picture their multi-multimillion-dollar mansions and chateaus.’
    • ‘Spanish colonial mansions, cathedrals, churches, and houses adorn the streets of both cities.’
    • ‘Garezarde is the name of the palace and our few mansions and servant houses that surround it.’
    • ‘By now, Michelle had miraculously gained entry and was driven to the front porch of the mansion.’
    • ‘She happily green-lighted zoning changes to allow a few small cottages to be demolished and replaced by impressive mansions.’
    • ‘The houses weren't mansions, but they were nice enough.’
    • ‘I remember passing by houses, and semi mansions with their own botanical gardens and Olympic coliseums.’
    • ‘The front door of the mansion slammed hard, hard enough to be heard through the entire building.’
    • ‘Looking around me, the houses are massive mansions, some the size of boarding school.’
    • ‘The houses all looked like mansions in my opinion.’
    • ‘There are two evocative groups of surviving mansions and period houses on Fifth Avenue, each worth a fresh look on summer stroll.’
    • ‘He lived up in the hills where the houses turned into mansions.’
    residence, hall, abode, stately home, seat, manor, manor house, country house, villa, castle
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    1. 1.1British A large block of flats.
      • ‘The street in which the accident happened, Holland Park, is lined with luxury mansion blocks with well-tended gardens.’
      • ‘Mixed in with the towering mansion blocks are a veritable bevy of posh cafés and delicatessens with plenty of pavement for sitting outside even in these autumn months.’
      • ‘The worst case I have heard of is at a council-owned mansion block in Camden, where leaseholders were asked to pay £200,000 for repairs.’
      • ‘Towards the end of his life he was living in a dilapidated four-bedroom flat in a 1930s mansion block in north London; he would often take his meals at a cafe in Willesden.’
      • ‘In September we found ourselves owners of a Victorian, former Duchy of Cornwall flat in a mansion block on a 90-year lease with a secluded garden.’
    2. 1.2in names A terrace or mansion block.
      ‘Carlyle Mansions’
      • ‘The centre will be developed at Home Farm, next to St Ives mansion, and work is expected to begin in the next few weeks.’
      • ‘It was used to send water from a spring near Haynes mansion into the roof of the building before it was dismantled and brought to Bedford.’
      • ‘Developers have come under fire as it became clear that an empty Ulverston mansion has become a vandals' playground.’


Late Middle English (denoting the chief residence of a lord): via Old French from Latin mansio(n-) ‘place where someone stays’, from manere ‘remain’.