Definition of manpower in English:



mass noun
  • The number of people working or available for work or service.

    ‘the police had only limited manpower’
    • ‘The union has been fighting with the department over cuts in salaries and manpower levels.’
    • ‘He is determined to make the best use of existing manpower, to maintain and build links with the public they serve.’
    • ‘Are you planning for the future in terms of infrastructure, manpower and technology?’
    • ‘Longtime critics are amassing money and manpower to derail her political career.’
    • ‘This is a very important area in operations, which is facing a shortage of skilled manpower.’
    • ‘Food production had also to compete for manpower with the armed services.’
    • ‘Further it would have tended to maintain the optimum levels of manpower.’
    • ‘Do you really think the police have the time and manpower to watch these tapes all the time?’
    • ‘This competitive environment required coordination of manpower in heaving and hauling.’
    • ‘They didn't have the resources or manpower to enter second or third teams in each age division.’
    • ‘Large farms may be efficient in terms of manpower but they are bad for the environment and animal welfare, he added.’
    • ‘Rural areas could be particularly exposed because of a lack of specialized equipment and manpower, he said.’
    • ‘She claimed that manpower levels in suburbs left a lot to be desired.’
    • ‘Not many in the force seem to be aware of the optimum use of available manpower.’
    • ‘The Forest Department should be given more manpower to keep a watchful eye on the resources.’
    • ‘How could the police not be given the tools and manpower they so obviously needed to protect the people?’
    • ‘The new Naval chief said his force also faced equipment and manpower shortages.’
    • ‘If police can cut crime with their present manpower levels, imagine what they could achieve at full strength.’
    • ‘With all resources and manpower being directed to the war effort, work was halted until after the war.’
    • ‘Due to its limited budget and manpower, the record company did not want to do it either.’
    employees, workers, workforce, personnel, hands, hired hands, labourers, human resources, labour
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