Definition of mannequin in English:



  • 1A dummy used to display clothes in a shop window.

    • ‘Once I was able to sift through, I found I was surrounded by mannequins displaying the newest Berliner collection.’
    • ‘He's wrestling with a dismembered mannequin in the window and Sobieski hands him the mannequin's arm, saying, ‘Need a hand?’’
    • ‘Shoppers yesterday said they were surprised anyone would be offended by the window display of lingerie-clad mannequins.’
    • ‘Other mannequins display sportswear ideal for games and athletics, as well as for long treks in hilly areas.’
    • ‘Why don't the mannequins in the shop windows come in sizes larger than an 8?’
    • ‘Signs announcing ‘Special Sales’ were gone from shop windows - and there were two more mannequins than the day before.’
    • ‘And it's not displayed on mannequins - it's on live models.’
    • ‘Other electronic peripherals, perfumes and lotions, and outdoor products were kept upstairs, as well as the mannequins and the display signs.’
    • ‘Clothes were mounted on racks on either side and mannequins stood on pedestals all around, displaying various wares.’
    • ‘I shiver as I pass the clothes boutiques, where assorted mannequins stare out like different species of plastic aliens.’
    • ‘Gerri pointed out a nice-looking book bag on the display window hanging from the shoulder of a mannequin.’
    • ‘Wedding Night depicts an old-fashioned corner bridal shop, display windows lit; the mannequins are faceless, heads turned or occluded by the awning.’
    • ‘Display cases and mannequins are being constructed for permanent display of the outfits in the communities.’
    • ‘Never mind the clothes - you need only look at the mannequins in shop windows to feel obese.’
    • ‘Two mannequins lie naked in the spare bedroom staring up at the ceiling.’
    • ‘What is striking in these Renaissance representations, and in the mannequins displayed outside, is the Venetian aristocracy's preference for dressing their African servants in lavish courtly attire.’
    • ‘On display are also mannequins decked in exquisitely designed saris and sparkling jewellery that she had hand picked for her students.’
    • ‘There are female mannequins, mannequin heads, male mannequins, torsos and separate mannequin parts.’
    • ‘They even drew lines on her wrists to make her look like a mannequin!’
    dummy, model, figure
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    1. 1.1dated A person employed by a designer or shop to model clothes.
      • ‘There was moving art in the form of mannequins modeling Megan Waterman's fashion creations.’
      • ‘Driven by the powerful grey consumer, modelling agencies with elderly mannequins are proliferating, and supermodels are making way for silver-haired ones as the advertising industry becomes attuned to the aging reality.’
      • ‘The mannequins stood in various poses, showing off the latest designs of the fashion world.’
      • ‘If actresses became mannequins, mannequins also became actresses who played new roles with each dress they modeled.’
      • ‘She is what is known in the fashion industry as a fit model or live mannequin.’
      model, fashion model, supermodel
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Mid 18th century: from French (see manikin).