Definition of manna ash in English:

manna ash


  • An ash tree that bears fragrant white flowers and exudes a sweet edible gum (manna) from its branches when they are damaged, native to southern Europe and south-western Asia.

    Fraxinus ornus, family Oleaceae

    • ‘Beams of ash and oak were split along the grain by wedges, and they rolled great manna ashes down from the mountains.’
    • ‘At lower altitudes, there are several tree species such as hollies, Lobelius maple, manna ashes and cornel trees.’
    • ‘The trail continues downhill for a brief stretch among chestnut trees, manna ashes and maple trees before reaching plain ground again.’
    • ‘This presidium, supported by the regional authority of Sicily, brings together growers of manna ash for the purpose of improving collection techniques.’
    • ‘As far as vegetation is concerned, there are interesting woods of larches, downy oaks, manna ashes, and beeches.’
    • ‘Lower down is the strip of olive trees that for several centuries has replaced the woods frequented by Saint Francis; higher up, coppices of Turkey oaks, downy oaks, hop hornbeams, manna ashes and maples are the dominant vegetation; on the summit, vast meadows stretch as far as the eye can see.’
    • ‘Trees include manna ashes, Cornelian cherry, oriental hornbeam and silver lime.’
    • ‘The underwood is well developed, with manna ashes, little oaks and blackthorns.’
    • ‘Evidence of this is given by the presence of different habitats ranging from Alpine pasturelands, pine thickets, beech woods, fir woods to thermophilous formations with hop-hornbeams and manna ashes, ilex woods and coast formations.’