Definition of mankind in English:



mass noun
  • 1Human beings considered collectively; the human race.

    ‘research for the benefit of all mankind’
    • ‘This in my opinion was no more of a noble battle than any unwarranted slaughter in the history of the mankind.’
    • ‘By leaving a legacy you are benefiting the rest of mankind and everybody can do that.’
    • ‘Those on board the spacecraft were doing research work for the benefit of mankind.’
    • ‘This century has been marked by some of the most horrific events in the history of mankind.’
    • ‘Had he been listened to, the history of mankind might have been different.’
    • ‘It is often acknowledged that the history of mankind is written by its victors.’
    • ‘A little concern for the rest of mankind is surely part of what makes us human.’
    • ‘This theft is indeed the biggest theft ever witnessed by mankind in the history of the world.’
    • ‘Arms races have dogged mankind from the dawn of history, and history seems bound to repeat itself.’
    • ‘You cannot even scratch the surface of the darkest chapter of mankind's recent history.’
    • ‘The challenge for all of us is to tap into these gifts and use them for our benefit and for all mankind.’
    • ‘In actual fact, the idea of the brotherhood of mankind was founded on the basis of uniquely human features.’
    • ‘Perhaps, though I scarcely dare to hope it, the hydrogen bomb will terrify mankind into sanity and tolerance.’
    • ‘Had they crept just a foot higher, countless historic masterpieces could have been lost to mankind forever.’
    • ‘The changing face of killing goes hand in hand, for him, with the way history has shaped our society and mankind.’
    • ‘The history of mankind is littered with appalling acts of barbarism, cruelty and hatred.’
    • ‘They don't bother much with the plight of mankind and as such they are simply the enemy.’
    • ‘Proof that history depends on mankind rather than a merely symbolic event was in evidence in two nations.’
    • ‘And what needs to be demolished are the illusions to which mankind is prey.’
    • ‘Why not try making the best nachos known to mankind, with the best guacamole known to mankind?’
    the human race, man, humanity, human beings, humans, homo sapiens, humankind, the human species, people, men and women
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  • 2archaic Men, as distinct from women.


On the use of mankind versus that of humankind or the human race, see man