Definition of Manichee in English:


noun & adjective

  • archaic term for Manichaean
    • ‘The Neoplatonists cordially hated theosophy, and its Manichee form more than all.’
    • ‘According to Manichee myth, Light and Darkness originally existed separately, without knowledge of each other.’
    • ‘Accordingly, I made my investigation without anxiety, certain that what the Manichees said was untrue.’
    • ‘Touchingly, it is the name that Augustine, while still a Manichee, chose for his son.’
    • ‘However, by 384 Augustine was unsatisfied and he broke away from the Manichees to open the New Academy, a school of rhetoric, in which he became the official orator of Milan.’


Middle English: from late Latin Manichaei, plural of Manichaeus (see Manichaeism).