Definition of mani-pedi in English:



  • A beauty treatment comprising both a manicure and a pedicure.

    • ‘This month's beauty feature is all about the mani-pedi.’
    • ‘Some local nail shops may offer special mani-pedi packages.’
    • ‘At the nail bar were sleek women for whom it was perfectly normal to stop by for a weekly mani-pedi after work.’
    • ‘Next month, a children's hair salon opens, with chairs shaped like cars and mani-pedis for mom.’
    • ‘I've had one refuse to give me even something as seemingly innocuous as their normal mani-pedi because they involved hot oil massage of the hands and feet.’
    • ‘Men in LA expect their women to look like Hollywood A-listers, so we're talking weekly mani-pedis, daily blow-drys and regular facials.’
    • ‘Let me tell you, it must be easier to get a viewing with the Queen than it is to get a mani-pedi appointment here!’