Definition of manful in English:



  • Brave and resolute, especially in a difficult situation.

    ‘a manful attempt to smile’
    • ‘There are a number of places where, naturally, I would not have worded that defense as Joe has, but on the whole I am grateful for his manful attempt to read what I said charitably.’
    • ‘This second time, Selby made a manful attempt with both hands to make the catch.’
    • ‘Frazer has done a manful job in that position but I know he is ready for a rest and his strength is in a defensive role.’
    • ‘The industry has been making manful efforts to curtail production so that prices will not go through the floor every time that there is a pick-up in demand.’
    • ‘He himself seems to feel he has to make manful, self-deprecating jokes about having his election stolen.’
    brave, courageous, bold, plucky, gallant, heroic, intrepid, fearless, valiant, valorous, dauntless, doughty
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