Definition of mandala in English:



  • 1A circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

    • ‘There are various forms of mandalas with distinct concepts and different purposes.’
    • ‘According to Buddhist scripture, mandalas (geometric designs symbolic of the universe) constructed from sand transmit positive energies to the environment and to the people who view them.’
    • ‘On that day, the monks will dismantle the mandala and deposit the sand in a body of water.’
    • ‘Creating sand mandalas has been a ritual for Buddhists since 500 BCE.’
    • ‘A ‘family’ of five Buddhas became standard, often depicted in circular mystic diagrams known as mandalas.’
    • ‘A mandala is a visual mantra, a focus for meditation.’
    • ‘In Champagne, for example, spirals, mandalas and other circular designs are stacked on a vertical support.’
    • ‘Since ancient times, mandalas were used as a means of deepening and enhancing the meditative experience.’
    • ‘Some cloud formations resembled mandalas while others looked like curling white scarves.’
    • ‘In contrast, the tantric meditations on mandalas and deities might seem mysterious, and we may find them more appealing.’
    • ‘Every tantric system has its own mandala, and thus each one symbolizes an existential and spiritual approach.’
    • ‘The person who achieved it was not a famous master but an itinerant stonecarver of mandalas and sacred texts.’
    • ‘And sacred symbols, from cave paintings to mandalas, are as old as the struggle to understand our world.’
    • ‘On Monday morning, the two monks dismantled the mandala they had worked so hard to perfect.’
    • ‘‘Like the circular composition of mandalas, the history of the world evolves in a cycle,’ Lin said.’
    • ‘For this reason, it has been identified with the notion of deity in numerous cultures and finds symbolic expression in such universal configurations as the mandala.’
    • ‘If there is an image that expresses van Itallie's underlying philosophy, it is a mandala.’
    • ‘While travelling in India and Nepal, Ellis became interested in the Buddhist mandalas and prayer flags.’
    • ‘Since the construction of the first mandala in the west, many mandalas have been created all over the world.’
    • ‘In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, mandalas are created for rituals of initiation in which a highly qualified teacher grants permission to advanced disciples to engage in the tantric meditation practices.’
    1. 1.1 (in Jungian psychology) a mandala as a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer's search for completeness and self-unity.
      • ‘In a dream state, you can generate mandalas, deity-forms, or thousands of replicas of yourself to perform rituals, etc.’


From Sanskrit maṇḍala ‘disc’.