Definition of management fee in English:

management fee


  • A fee paid to a person or company for managing a business, property, sum of money, etc. on another's behalf.

    ‘most funds charge an annual management fee of typically 1.5 per cent’
    • ‘He highlighted the increasing trend of bond funds that charged their annual management fees against the capital value of the fund rather than against income.’
    • ‘Management fees for open-ended funds are free of VAT, as are those for investment trusts investing outside the EU.’
    • ‘And that refers to the management fee of 1.15% per annum that is collected upfront for the four-year period.’
    • ‘The ongoing management fees of the funds investigated in this study are charged based on the value of fund units.’
    • ‘But many plans charge management fees, some higher than others, and many plans have limited investment options.’
    • ‘Considerable effort should be put into this aspect of the management fee arrangement.’
    • ‘In a deal of that size, the buyout firm might take a $150,000-a-year management fee.’
    • ‘You should carefully study differences in management fees among different investment options.’
    • ‘Your money is invested in a fund which aims to match the FTSE All-Share index, and annual management fees are reasonable at 1%.’
    • ‘With individual bonds, you won't pay the 1.14 % management fee that the average bond fund charges.’