Definition of management company in English:

management company


  • A company which is set up to manage a group of properties, a unit trust, an investment fund, etc.

    • ‘Local woodland and mill dams would be preserved by a management company financed by an annual charge on the eventual householders.’
    • ‘The apartments will be maintained and run by a management company.’
    • ‘A service charge will be payable to a management company responsible for the maintenance of the common areas.’
    • ‘For the rest of the time, the apartment is rented and maintained by a management company.’
    • ‘The management company said it is important for manufacturers to reach the right markets from the right location.’
    • ‘But then a management company took over and I was told to leave the premises.’
    • ‘In return, apartment owners pay an annual service charge to the management company.’
    • ‘In this scheme the management company pays owners 8.5 per cent of the purchase price annually.’
    • ‘During the remainder of the year, the investor receives a return on the room, which is let by a management company.’
    • ‘A management company will look after the complex during the academic year and will also organise out of term lettings.’
    • ‘Mrs Crosby said her estate was in the hands of a private management company several years ago, which proved a failure.’
    • ‘She has managed her affairs by accessing retained earnings in her management company.’
    • ‘Trident Holiday Homes will be marketing and managing the properties through the management company.’
    • ‘Anyways, he's just started a new management company and he wants me to be his first client.’
    • ‘Jos Hermens, the director of his management company, insists there is nothing to worry about.’
    • ‘Estate residents said the management company posted a notice announcing the pool closure, but did not explain why.’
    • ‘A management company takes a long lease on each apartment and in turn lets each individual unit to the students.’
    • ‘The grounds of the development have been landscaped and a management company will be put in place to maintain the grounds.’
    • ‘We meet at the offices of his management company in rural Cheshire.’
    • ‘There was a red bill from the management company on the doormat.’