Definition of managed fund in English:

managed fund


  • An investment fund run on behalf of an investor by an agent (typically, an insurance company).

    • ‘For many investors, managed funds are the simplest and easiest way to achieve their financial goals.’
    • ‘Unlike the managed funds, trackers do not have fund managers.’
    • ‘The higher-risk profile of some hedge funds relative to normal managed funds arises principally from the ability to leverage with debt or to trade on margin.’
    • ‘EBS has three managed funds and a deposit account to choose from.’
    • ‘As we pointed out in an article last year, buyers of managed funds tend to question the fund manager's ability after one or two years of underperformance.’
    • ‘It can be invested in all types of investment assets, such as a managed fund, a pure equity fund, property, bonds and cash or a mixture of these assets.’
    • ‘Hence, I wouldn't want a private banker managing my portfolio, especially if they put my money into expensive but underperforming managed funds.’
    • ‘Despite their highly paid and qualified professional managers, 80% of managed funds fail to beat a simple market tracker.’
    • ‘The unit price varies daily depending on the value of the underlying assets held in the managed fund.’
    • ‘When you invest in a managed fund, you buy units in the fund.’
    • ‘By investing in a managed fund and pooling your money with other investors, you can take advantage of investment opportunities that you may not be able to access as an individual investor.’
    • ‘This differs from an ordinary managed fund, where the investment discretion lies solely with the fund manager.’
    • ‘So lots of investors are shifting money from individual stocks and actively managed funds into index funds.’
    • ‘It is also possible to split your money between the EBS cash fund and the managed funds.’
    • ‘Investors can spread their risk by placing a portion of their investment in a medium-risk managed fund, a high-risk US equity fund or a low-risk Irish property fund.’
    • ‘Make sure you avoid endowment based savings plans, managed funds and any investments you don't understand.’
    • ‘Unhappy with the outrageously high charges levied by managed funds, she decides to invest in a low-cost index tracker.’
    • ‘Long-term investments in managed funds are likely to give better returns than ‘hot tips’ on rising stocks’
    • ‘This is like a managed fund with the investment risk being spread across 25 to 30 different syndicates.’
    • ‘A managed fund is exactly that - an investment fund that is managed professionally by an expert fund manager who invests in a variety of investments.’