Definition of managed economy in English:

managed economy


  • An economy in which the framework and general policies are regulated by the government.

    • ‘The managed economy focused on achieving efficiencies as the basis for competitiveness.’
    • ‘Like most managed economies, they do not want to admit that inflation can happen, so they ignore it and end up reacting to it late.’
    • ‘Unions became empowered because of their considerable leverage over the likely success of the managed economy.’
    • ‘From the mid-1840s the idea of a managed economy was foreign.’
    • ‘Under a managed economy there will always the small wealthy minority and the exploited masses.’
    • ‘The rise of managed economies in the Eastern Bloc was also responsible for increased government interference in the macroeconomy.’
    • ‘But will big business seek a return to managed economies if world markets crash?’
    • ‘Thus, the welfare state and the managed economy create the conditions that destroy people!’
    • ‘Shoehorning business into ‘sustainability’ changes the model from capitalism to a managed economy.’