Definition of managed care in English:

managed care


mass nounUS
  • A system of healthcare emphasizing preventative medicine and home treatment.

    • ‘Today's health care climate, managed care, is forcing us once again to try to halt burgeoning costs.’
    • ‘Nurses at any level can learn how nursing and managed care are intertwined.’
    • ‘Insofar as the system of managed care encourages that kind of medical practice, it is to be applauded.’
    • ‘Forty-six primary care clinics in six managed care organizations participated in the study.’
    • ‘The center also collaborates extensively with health care delivery systems and managed care companies.’
    • ‘Despite this, managed care has recently been criticised by the public, healthcare professionals, and politicians.’
    • ‘What I find odd is that a lot of managed care plans are getting involved to ‘help out’.’
    • ‘In the past, seniors also signed up with managed care plans to receive generous drug benefits.’
    • ‘Physicians added staff and worked harder to maintain their income in the face of managed care.’
    • ‘We studied the role of outpatient testing in the health care system and the impact of managed care on such testing.’
    • ‘There are quality reviews of medical decisions conducted by managed care personnel.’
    • ‘In fact, three out of five people who are enrolled in a managed care system say that they have never been in such a plan.’
    • ‘In the past decade we have witnessed the increasing influence of managed care in the practice of medicine.’
    • ‘We must ask ourselves, however, whether managed care is a health care model or a payment model, she said.’
    • ‘All aspects of healthcare have been substantially influenced by managed care.’
    • ‘Another important driver of the consolidation trend has been the growth of managed care.’
    • ‘On the other hand, some managed care organisations are taking these services and patients out of primary care.’
    • ‘In these days of managed care, it has become more and more important to choose capital expenditures wisely.’
    • ‘Most therapists struggled with treatment limitations in managed care.’
    • ‘Instead, she speaks on behalf of mental health patients and the impact managed care has on their treatment.’