Definition of man orchid in English:

man orchid


  • A European orchid of calcareous grassland with greenish-yellow flowers which have a lip resembling a human figure.

    Aceras anthropophorum, family Orchidaceae

    • ‘However, it is a happier story for orchids in the London Borough of Croydon where 20 sites have been found with thriving colonies of man orchids.’
    • ‘In Lincolnshire the richest verges are found on the alkaline soils of the chalk and limestone where they contain such rare plants as yellow-wort, autumn gentian, dyer's greenweed, clustered bellflower, pyramidal and man orchids.’
    • ‘Tony had identified a group of man orchids which he was concerned about and asked for help to protect them.’
    • ‘The grassland supports man orchids, together with butterflies such as the brown argus, common blue and dark green fritillary.’
    • ‘Asturias is also an area rich in orchids species where it is possible to find bee orchids or man orchids growing along the side of old roads or purple fields full of Serapias.’
    • ‘The man orchids are fenced off from rabbits.’
    • ‘The chestnut groves are carpeted with drifts of western peony, pink, blue and yellow lupins, Spanish bluebell and Barbary nut iris, while rocky outcrops harbour man orchids.’