Definition of man hug in English:

man hug


  • A friendly embrace between two men.

    ‘one of those brief but forceful man hugs’
    • ‘We can all start bracing ourselves for the latest wave of entourages, crisply tailored suits and awkward man hugs.’
    • ‘I wish I was brave enough to come and give him a big man hug and kiss on the cheek.’
    • ‘David hands Jeff an envelope then gives him a man hug and shakes his hand.’
    • ‘Even young males are opting for the man hug, a maneuver involving contact with just half of the upper body and one arm.’
    • ‘The nephew nearly shook his arm off and then pulled him into an embrace, patting his back in a man hug.’
    • ‘The latest ruling from the NCAA might not have caused a rash of man hugs in the compliance office.’
    • ‘At one point considered inappropriate behavior, the man hug has become a familiar greeting.’
    • ‘And then, Luciano and James pull together for a final touching man hug.’
    • ‘He turned the corner from the elevator bank and walked smack into a man hug with the Broncos coach.’
    • ‘Any sports win will ignite an orgy of whooping, full-body man hugs.’