Definition of man bun in English:

man bun


  • A man's hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back into a tight coil at the back or top of the head.

    ‘the actor wore blue jeans and a polo shirt, pulling back his hair into a very hipster man bun’
    • ‘I've witnessed a new phenomenon: man buns—yes, that's when a man wears his long hair in a bun.’
    • ‘He told us he may sport a man bun if it pours on Oscar Sunday.’
    • ‘He kept things interesting with his mane on the red carpet this year and even experimented with a slicked-back man bun.’
    • ‘He's been rocking the beard and man bun as recently as last Thursday.’
    • ‘He was spotted golfing in LA with his luscious locks tied halfway back into a man bun.’