Definition of man (or go to) the barricades in English:

man (or go to) the barricades


  • Strongly protest against or defend something.

    • ‘Play a few bars of ‘Blowin in the Wind’ and even the most apathetic baby boomer somehow recalls manning the barricades.’
    • ‘Only a disputed knock-on saved the Irishmen's blushes at the death, when the red shirts were manning the barricades in an effort to keep the Harlequins at bay.’
    • ‘This doesn't mean that we should be manning the barricades yet.’
    • ‘Far from it; they are still manning the barricades as if the entire neighbourhood will disappear into the River Cart unless the council reverses its decision.’
    • ‘While Luke mans the barricades, James falls for his future wife.’
    • ‘In normal times the thought of using vinyl planking on the floor would have me out manning the barricades, fighting on the beaches and protesting in other suitable ways.’
    • ‘He is a liberal, never a communist, a man who went to the barricades for Yeltsin in 1993.’
    • ‘If it's not the bleeding heart social worker types whining on about puppies, or social inclusion, it's Alastair Campbell throwing a tantrum over us manning the barricades of truth.’
    • ‘A friend said: ‘If the government was to ban shooting he would be the first to man the barricades.’’
    • ‘The Prime Minister has been manning the barricades in defence of Mr Byers, who is charged with manipulation and deceit.’