Definition of man-eating in English:



  • 1Denoting an animal that has a propensity for killing and eating humans.

    ‘man-eating sharks’
    • ‘The short film is a funny spoof substituting killer bread for man-eating zombies.’
    • ‘A disturbed little boy wanders out into the woods and finds a family of man-eating troglodytes trapped in a pit.’
    • ‘I guess I'd like my man-eating python a bit earlier in the episode.’
    • ‘A village in the north of India has been plagued by a man-eating Bengal tiger.’
    • ‘Suddenly they are confronted by a man-eating lion.’
    • ‘For the good folk of Fly Creek, the Devil has appeared in the shape of man-eating earthworms.’
    • ‘You've got flesh-eating, man-eating dinosaurs basically interacting with children.’
    • ‘Nearly everyone has an odd fantasy about "man-eating beasts."’
    • ‘I wonder how he would explain the proliferation today of man-eating rats.’
    • ‘They should not just be harvesting the man-eating crocodiles without sensitizing communities on their potential to contribute positively to tourism.’
  • 2informal Denoting a dominant woman who has many sexual partners.

    ‘she had often been cast as a man-eating seductress’
    • ‘Desperate to leave his past behind—especially man-eating Jackie—he has decided to start a new life with his teenage daughter.’
    • ‘Just when her interest in Mark begins to emerge, he hooks up with the man-eating lawyer who is determined to marry him.’
    • ‘She plays the man-eating vamp stereotype to the hilt.’
    • ‘She stars as a man-eating singleton who finally meets the guy who sets her heart aflutter, so she takes a weekend road trip to track him down.’
    • ‘Her truly loud, tarty, and man-eating Lady Capulet was developing nicely.’
    • ‘As the man-eating Diane, she displays impeccable comic timing.’
    • ‘We see in her a formidable, man-eating, middle-aged woman.’
    • ‘She managed to steal most of the honors, turning in a cracking performance as the man-eating Dorien.’
    • ‘Once, I dressed up as a man-eating hooker from outer space.’
    • ‘Their 25-year marriage suffers when James is seduced by his wife's man-eating young friend, a photographer.’