Definition of Mammonism in English:



  • See Mammon

    • ‘I suppose my question is how much of his Mammonism is environmental and how much is hard wired into his personality.’
    • ‘He also seems to have confirmed his existing prejudices against Utilitarians, Parliamentarians, a ‘do-nothing Aristocracy’, and the pervasive spirit of ‘Mammonism’.’
    • ‘This means combating Commercialism and Mammonism which has not yet become an important agenda.’
    • ‘Capitalism, he wrote in Past and Present, bore ‘the Gospel of Mammonism,’ in which money, through its ‘miraculous facilities,’ held its devotees ‘spell-bound in a horrid enchantment.’’
    • ‘As a consequence of all these forces, the values of Mammonism have begun to prevail inside the family's ‘haven’ as well as out.’