Definition of mammalian in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a mammal.

    ‘cats and other mammalian predators’
    ‘mammalian cells’
    • ‘The monster's half mammalian, half reptilian face glared menacingly at him with cold, merciless yellow eyes.’
    • ‘About 50 years ago, he proposed that mammalian infants instinctively desire maternal proximity.’
    • ‘Tracks of any mammalian visitors were identified to the species level.’
    • ‘Our work is based on the principle that the mammalian central nervous system is functionally and anatomically well-organized.’
    • ‘Organic livestock producers must not feed mammalian or poultry slaughter byproducts to mammals or poultry.’
    • ‘Removal of gonads causes a well-defined increase in circulating concentrations of FSH in all mammalian species.’
    • ‘Insecticidal soaps have the same general mammalian toxicity traits of any soap or detergent.’
    • ‘Hearing (like sight) is one of the most basic faculties of the mammalian organism.’
    • ‘My mammalian mind remains mired in the earthly muck of doubt.’
    • ‘They methodically removed all of the introduced mammalian predators that they encountered.’