Definition of mamelon in English:



  • A small rounded structure, e.g. the central knob of a tubercle on a sea urchin.

    • ‘Thus, though in Arceuthobium the mamelon is always free from the ovary walls, in Loranthus a series can be traced through forms in which there is a temporary chamber filled by later growth of the mamelon.’
    • ‘On females note the uterus, ovary, vulva, and on males note the testis, ejaculatory duct, and the mamelons.’
    • ‘Associated with mamelons are canals called astrorhizae.’
    • ‘The second type is similar to the first in having laminae and possibly pillars, yet it lacks the mamelons.’
    • ‘The only adults with mamelons have an ‘open bite,’ which means that the front teeth don't touch each other, and the wearing off of the mamelons doesn't take place.’


Mid 19th century: from French, ‘nipple’, from mamelle ‘breast’, from Latin mamilla ‘little breast’.