Definition of malvertising in English:



mass noun
  • 1The practice of incorporating malware in online advertisements.

    ‘one of the most well-known methods of malvertising is clickjacking’
    as modifier ‘a virulent malvertising campaign’
    • ‘The calls come after the malvertising attacks, in which fake ads are placed on well-known sites, reaching millions of people through names they trust.’
    • ‘They are among the websites that fell victim to malvertising, and thus they passed infections on to their readers.’
    • ‘A growing method through which hackers exploit legitimate websites is the placing of malicious adverts, known as malvertising.’
    • ‘Readers of the world's biggest newspaper website were subjected to a malvertising attack after hackers fraudulently bought advertising space.’
    • ‘The problem of such malvertising, as it had been dubbed, appears to be spreading.’
    1. 1.1 Online advertisements that incorporate or install malware.
      ‘links in the malvertising download ransomware on to the computer of the unwary victim’
      • ‘We received the malvertising from an ad network tricked into hosting the attack content.’
      • ‘The data showed that this popular site had malvertising on 5 percent of its pages screened in the past 90 days.’
      • ‘The malvertising was found on a number of prominent and trusted websites.’
      • ‘The sites were unknowingly serving up malvertising instead of advertising.’
      • ‘The biggest threats on the websites are in the form of malvertising.’


Early 21st century: blend of malicious and advertising.