Definition of Malthusian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the English economist and clergyman Thomas Robert Malthus or his ideas about population.

    ‘it seems we face a curious Malthusian catastrophe’
    • ‘All creatures, the Malthusian argument runs, tend to increase in geometrical progression.’
    • ‘The law represented a Malthusian challenge to the 18th-century policy of providing allowances to men whose earnings were insufficient to support their families.’
    • ‘This seems to suggest the kind of limits within which the Malthusian view possesses a degree of validity.’
    • ‘Where the Malthusian argument falls down is in its general application.’
    • ‘I have always found his endorsement of the Malthusian population principle quite surprising.’
    • ‘The Malthusian law is the basis of the environmental movement.’
    • ‘He portrays the crisis phase primarily in Malthusian terms, the consequence of too many mouths feeding from too few acres of land.’
    • ‘Darwin explicitly stated that his principle of 'natural selection' was the Malthusian principle for agents without foresight.’
    • ‘He comes to a Malthusian understanding that population is limited by means of subsistence.’
    • ‘He felt that the Malthusian theory of population growth was at the basis of the erroneous wages-fund doctrine.’


  • A person who supports the theories about population proposed by the English economist and clergyman Thomas Robert Malthus.

    ‘Malthusians spoke of moral restraint’
    • ‘The Malthusians are not only aware of their surroundings, they also react in different ways.’
    • ‘Partly because they were Malthusians, they were environmentalists and they wanted to reduce the human population.’
    • ‘Modern-day Malthusians have adopted the language of 'reproductive choice' and 'female empowerment'.’
    • ‘It is worthy of remark that he was a professed Malthusian.’
    • ‘As a Malthusian, he attended to the trade-off between sex and material income.’
    • ‘It is no wonder the Malthusians want to get rid of economics.’
    • ‘Today we are seeing the rise of another set of gloomy economists, who might be called 'reverse Malthusians'.’
    • ‘The anarchists pointed to his own comments to prove that he was a Malthusian.’
    • ‘He was politically and economically arch-conservative, an ardent Malthusian and opponent of immigration.’
    • ‘He has noted that Brown on one occasion described himself as a Malthusian.’