Definition of Maltese terrier in English:

Maltese terrier

(also Maltese dog)


  • A dog of a very small breed, with long white hair.

    • ‘He's a proper pedigree white Maltese dog - he deserves somebody younger who can give him the proper love he deserves.’
    • ‘When you wash Maltese dogs, a good shampoo should be used to help maintain the health of the coat.’
    • ‘Like most white dogs, Maltese dogs are prone to tear-staining, small dark brown spots that appear below the eyes.’
    • ‘The panther had streaked out of the woods where I was taking a friend's small Maltese terrier for a walk.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that Maltese terriers are small dogs, and may require extra supervision if you have small children.’
    • ‘When firemen entered the apartment, they found a Maltese dog sitting calmly in front of the phone.’