Definition of malt extract in English:

malt extract


mass noun
  • A sweet, sticky substance obtained from an infusion of malt and water.

    ‘most homebrewers start with malt extract’
    • ‘In other words, we buy malt extract instead of mashing grains to create enough fermentable sugars to brew a batch of beer with.’
    • ‘Bulgaria produces exclusively light beers with malt extract content of 9 to 13.5 per cent.’
    • ‘For this discussion we will concentrate on canned barley malt extract, which is already "mashed" and then further processed to form a syrup.’
    • ‘At homebrewing stores, you can buy malt extract, which is the fermentable sugars extracted from the mash.’
    • ‘My one weird combination is a concoction that is composed of chopped dried apricots, pine nuts, and malt extract, all stirred together and eaten with a spoon.’
    • ‘The grains are then crushed and the malt extract or 'wort' passes through to the fermentation stage.’
    • ‘I'd planned on having a gallon of water boiling and adding the malt extract syrup to the water, but I put the syrup in the pot first, so I just added the water and brought it to the boil.’
    • ‘Both the Chinese and the Japanese have long made malt extract for use as a sweetener.’
    • ‘For anyone who has ever brewed their own beer, imagine the smell of the malt extract mixed with golden syrup and a hint of smokiness - that's the goodness.’
    • ‘While corn syrup isn't inherently bad, beware of energy bars that list as their initial ingredient cane juice, malt extract, or fructose.’