Definition of malonic acid in English:

malonic acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A crystalline acid obtained by the oxidation of malic acid.

    Chemical formula: HOOCCH₂COOH

    • ‘Unusually high levels of malonic acid in the urine is often an indication of a genetic disorder known as malonic aciduria.’
    • ‘A particle size of the dispersed malonic acid of about 25 to about 1000 microns is suitable.’
    • ‘The occurrence of malonic acid has been reported in the leaves of lucerne and in green wheat plants.’
    • ‘As the oxalate is desorbing slowly from the surface its concentration in the liquid phase is small, despite the fact that it is a major intermediate in the mineralization of malonic acid.’
    • ‘It unfolds as a complex interplay among bromate ions, malonic acid, and a catalyst.’


Mid 19th century: malonic from French malonique, alteration of malique ‘malic’.


malonic acid