Definition of malolactic in English:



  • Of or denoting bacterial fermentation which converts malic acid to lactic acid, especially as a secondary process used to reduce the acidity of some wines.

    ‘malolactic fermentation is essential in poor years when the grapes are not fully ripe’
    • ‘Although the wine is ice cold and has barely finished malolactic fermentation, the extraordinary breed and complexity of the wine are already clearly showing.’
    • ‘I found our barrel in a heated room where all the wines were finishing their malolactic fermentation.’
    • ‘There are few strains of malolactic bacteria that are friendly such as leuconostoc and oenococcus oeni.’
    • ‘It is in this process of imparting body and age that malolactic fermentation becomes the key… or so I learned!’
    • ‘In all cases, malolactic fermentation seemed to modify the amino acid and volatile composition of the wine.’
    • ‘Made by Tom Newton from cooler climate fruit, some of which has gone through a malolactic fermentation and been aged in oak.’


mass noun
  • Malolactic fermentation.

    ‘most Champagnes undergo malolactic’
    • ‘Pinot Noir needs to go through malolactic to soften and stabilize the wine, and is therefore often kept in an isolated part of the cellar to prevent cross-contamination from lactic bacteria.’
    • ‘This Chardonnay (fruit from Clarksburg and Monterey) has good texture from partial malolactic with creamy and nutty notes under lively pear and apple flavours.’