Definition of mallow in English:



  • A herbaceous plant with hairy stems, pink or purple flowers, and disc-shaped fruit.

    Genus "Malva", family "Malvaceae" (the mallow family, which also contains hollyhocks, hibiscus, and abutilon): many species. See also marshmallow, tree mallow

    • ‘Other locals include yarrow, pussytoes, mallow, cudweed, meadowsweet, and chickweed.’
    • ‘Rose mallow can be distinguished from marsh mallow mainly by the leaves and the size of the flowers.’
    • ‘My parents are buried in a garden I made in Water Mill, the graves two unmarked stones, surrounded by Montauk daisies and pink mallow.’
    • ‘The look is deliberately natural, with an emphasis on indigenous plants such as swamp mallow and drought-tolerant ornamental grasses.’
    • ‘The dried or fresh flowers and leaves of high mallow and dwarf mallow are used as food and medicine.’


Old English meal(u)we, from Latin malva; related to Greek malakhē; compare with mauve.