Definition of malling in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • 1The development of shopping malls.

    ‘the malling of America’
    • ‘The 'malling' of New York City continues.’
    • ‘Cooder denounces the ‘paving over and the malling up’ of Los Angeles working class history, particularly on its Chicano Eastside where tens of thousands have been uprooted by stadiums, freeways and jails.’
    • ‘‘The name-dropping of companies is a neat way of accruing ‘guilt by association’, while being a subtle backlash against the malling of America.’’
  • 2The activity of passing time in a shopping mall.

    ‘Jessie had time to go malling’
    • ‘He had his swimming lesson and then we went malling!’
    • ‘I have lots to say on this and also on another popular pastime in Madras, malling.’
    • ‘We can go malling instead if you really insist.’
    • ‘And those numbers, Wood qualifies, are not even in peak malling season, summer.’