Definition of malkoha in English:


(also malcoha)


  • A long-tailed cuckoo of South and SE Asia, with dark grey or brown plumage.

    Rhopodytes and other genera: family Cuculidae

    • ‘Then the malkohas and the couas are given ‘tribe’ status, thus forming our seven distinctive groups of cuckoos.’
    • ‘Once inside the forest we walked several trails spotting hornbills, woodpeckers and malkohas to name a few.’
    • ‘India has 23 species of Cuculiformes in two families: Cuculidae (cuckoos, malkohas) and Centropodidae (coucals).’
    • ‘Watch for giant snails, falconets, malkohas and numerous small birds along the highway that crosses the park.’
    • ‘In the lowland jungle, you can see two common species of malkohas.’


Mid 18th century: from Sinhalese mal-koha, literally ‘flower cuckoo’.