Definition of malinvestment in English:



mass noun
  • The action or fact of investing money in an ill-judged or wasteful way.

    ‘overgenerous credit and monetary policies contributed to massive malinvestment’
    • ‘The boom squanders through malinvestment scarce factors of production… its alleged blessings are paid for by impoverishment.’
    • ‘All of the delicate strands of this structure have to fit, and fit precisely, or else malinvestment occurs.’
    • ‘Genuine economic growth will only return if relative prices can adjust, malinvestment gets liquidated, and a correction is allowed to occur.’
    • ‘They happily extended credit to the oil patch and to residential real estate, stoking inflation, malinvestment and economic distortions.’
    • ‘Consequently all the resulting malinvestment does not result in longer processes.’
    • ‘Of course these measures could turn out to be counterproductive because they will not solve the main problem of malinvestment.’
    • ‘Encouraging additional malinvestment into green energy or other politically correct machinations won't stimulate recovery.’
    • ‘This line of analysis includes the critical issues of overinvestment and malinvestment, with a keen focus on capital goods investment.’
    • ‘What has to be done is to shun policies like credit expansion which artificially foster malinvestment.’
    • ‘Promoting consumption is the last thing we need to build up a capital stock that has been woefully depleted thanks to malinvestment.’
    • ‘Thus, what is different this time is that large loads of debt and malinvestment have built up in the economy.’
    • ‘Another consequence of malinvestment was that resources were drawn into the financial sector, which expanded enormously.’
    • ‘It leads to economic impoverishment, as it would stimulate consumption at the expense of savings and encourage malinvestment of scarce resources.’
    • ‘The result is a sort of malinvestment in human capital, with many men trained to be pilots without private-sector jobs to justify the training.’
    • ‘This should bring clarity to the issue of financial distortions inciting malinvestment.’
    • ‘Expanding the money stock through circulation credit sets into motion an illusionary boom, leading to malinvestment.’
    • ‘Artificial credit expansion credit not funded by savings creates the business cycle by spawning capital malinvestment.’
    • ‘We have witnessed an historic misallocation of resources and endemic malinvestment.’
    • ‘Both are characterized by runaway money and credit inflations that fueled ill-advised lending, rampant malinvestment and acute financial fragility.’
    • ‘Inflationary or expansionist policy must result in over consumption on the one hand and in malinvestment on the other.’