Definition of Malinke in English:



  • 1A member of a West African people living mainly in Senegal, Mali, and Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

    • ‘He also said that, in general, marriages take place between the Malinkes and the Peuhls without any problems.’
    • ‘The Mande peoples are comprised primarily of the Malinke, Bambara, and Juula.’
    • ‘Tea-time is an important break for the Malinke.’
    • ‘There are so many different ethnicities: Bambara, Peul, Dogon, Songhai, Bobo, Bozo, Tuareg, Khassonkes, Malinkes, just to name a few.’
    • ‘The Malinkes of Upper Guinea trace their ancestry to the founders of the great Mali Empire.’
  • 2mass noun The Mande language of the Malinke, with abut 800,000 speakers.

    • ‘Captain Peroz was one of few French officers who spoke Malinke.’
    • ‘We don't speak Malinke, we don't farm.’


  • Relating to the Malinke or their language.

    • ‘French domination was assured by the defeat in 1898 of the armies of Almamy Samory Touré, warlord and leader of Malinke descent.’
    • ‘Since the nations where the Malinke are found today have many other tribal peoples, it is likely that the school teachers are of a different ethnic group and do not speak the Malinke language.’
    • ‘The group's name means ‘one skin’ in the Malinke language.’
    • ‘Before European explorers arrived in 1795, the Malinke and Songhai empires developed and flourished in the region.’
    • ‘He was learning to play traditional Malinke drum music.’


The name in Malinke.