Definition of malimbe in English:



  • A weaver bird of west and central Africa, having black plumage with red on the head or throat.

    Genus Malimbus, family Ploceidae

    • ‘Other highlights in the Korup park are Forbe's Plover, Black Dwarf, White-crested hornbills, and Rachel's malimbes.’
    • ‘A three-year research project aims to identify factors determining the occurrence of malimbes in forest patches within the range of the Ibadan malimbe.’
    • ‘The Gola malimbe was not found in the 1989 survey although it has been recorded in the Gola forests before.’
    • ‘Black-bellied Seedcracker inhabits the forest edge, while the canopy holds vermillion and black malimbes.’
    • ‘There are lots of malimbes there of several species, but unfortunately the endemic Ibadan Malimbe has only rarely been recorded.’


1940s: named after the town of Malimbe in Angola.