Definition of malignance in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being malign.

    ‘a spirit of pure, unadulterated malignance towards the world’
    • ‘Their society has been infected by a pathogenic cuteness of such malignance as to put at risk all that is truly beautiful.’
    • ‘It is very inspiring - a desire for ecological change with no ego or malignance and no messianic tendencies.’
    • ‘Surely beneficence and malignance are both at play in the contemporary world, at every level.’
    • ‘Three-dimensional data can be used to spot and investigate the malignance of tumors.’
    • ‘Mattie, with an expression of deep malignance, departed.’
    malice, spite, spitefulness, hostility, hatred, hate, ill will, bitterness, enmity, ill feeling, balefulness, venom, rancour, maliciousness, malignity, ill nature, vindictiveness, viciousness, revengefulness, vengefulness, cruelty, nastiness, unfriendliness
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