Definition of maliciously in English:



  • In a manner characterized by malice or ill will; with intent to do harm.

    ‘proof that the defendant acted maliciously’
    ‘a maliciously constructed website’
    • ‘The game will not be disrupted or maliciously destroyed by the decision of a player to leave the game prematurely.’
    • ‘Do I think this was done maliciously and unfairly?’
    • ‘We would have people maliciously pull fire alarms to get us to come.’
    • ‘Your employee could say something potentially libelous, whether maliciously or accidentally.’
    • ‘In some instances, malcontents may pass on proprietary information maliciously.’
    • ‘If we wanted to maliciously attack somebody, we'd do a better job of it.’
    • ‘The suit goes on to say that they have refused to retract the article and are "instead maliciously standing by the bogus story."’
    • ‘The further the excavation goes, the more events seem to spiral maliciously out of control, growing continuously more sinister.’
    • ‘You can talk about my children all you want, but don't lie maliciously and viciously about them.’
    • ‘The exploit works by sending an email containing such a maliciously formed compressed archive to an intended victim.’